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Fight inequality and injustice with creativity - under this slogan group of activists have created vibrant and subversive network for creative revolution - No Bounds. Its a platform for writers and artists, activists and thinkers, open for articles, calls for action as well as reports on topics - art, consciousness, environment, modern society and politics as well as indigeous people.


What happened at the meeting in Potsdam? An update

It was quite necesairy since Masta, until now, never had a general meeting of everybody involved in the different crews that people work in. The many people know eighother from seminars and exchanges but never met all together for the purpose of streamlining the entire Masta organisation.

Evaluation Meeting in Potsdam

Sharing local experiences, recalling the past, shaping the future... From tomorrow to the 16th of January, the Masta family is meeting in Potsdam. A place for the different organizations, journalists, artists, activists and thinking minds that form this platform to reconnect, get energized and grow together. A moment to realize what we achieved and what is our potential as tool for creativity, freedom and action Europe-wide. A time to reinforce our network and let new collective projects sprout. Christmas hibernation is over, let the action begin! 


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