critical masks on bikes

The season of critical mass is here - Mašta spies has spotified big happy crews of people on bikes arround the globe, including Belgrade, Budapest, Berlin and Riga. Group of  Critical masks joined critical mass in Berlin, impressions and visuals by tau*mh:

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Maybe we were born a 100 years too late to take part in the decisions and now most of our cities are designed to fit heavy machines of about 1.500 Kg to ride through them. Often these machines are used to transport about 80 Kg of weight or in different words, a person and a bag.

But we are not too late to have the life that we believe in and let others join us if they want. So we discovered that we can transport ourselves in smaller machines of about 10 Kg that we can power with a kind of energy that is renewable and we produce ourselves.

Meanwhile, all the heavy machines consume fossil fuels and produce lots of air pollution that we then breathe when we ride around with our nostrils all open. To avoid intoxication we have been creative and made some beautiful air protection masks that we can wear all year long to filter some of the pollution while show our almost Paleolithic co-inhabitants throught their car windows that we have a different opinion about transportation in cities.

To make it a bit more communal we joined a spontaneous group of about a 100 bike riders that decided to go for a nice evening Friday ride. They call it Critical Mass! But I call it utopia:  For about 2 hours you can live in a world were bicycles are privileged on the road and bike riders feel acknowledged for the futuristic world saving enterprise of traveling with the most healthy and energy efficient vehicle ever made.

Joining the crew is easy, you just have to jump on  your bike!


Check out the pictures, join the rides arround the globe (List of the rides in Wiki) and don't forget to tell us about other critical mass adventures: !