Solfonica - armed with instruments

Between the compact mass of protesters, a minor disturbance starts; a small group of people moving in the crowd until they form a circle. Slowly, as soldiers thoroughly prepare their weapons, violins, flutes and other instruments appear from their bags and they start doing musical chores. The crowd falls silent and listen. Touched. Solfónica is playing. If you've been lucky enough to witness this scene it is not necessary to explain who they are. Solfónica will probably be there at a moment in your life that you'll never forget.

Solfónica emerged during the magical moment of "Camping Sun" (or "The Sun campground, which takes the name of the Plaza del Sol,Madrid,Spain ). "Camping Sun" was the spontaneous occupation of the square by citizens as a social protest against the Spanish crisis. As part of the thousands of citizens who went out on the streets, they started using the skills they have. In this case, it's music. They did it so well that they became one of the most powerful 15M movement symbols. They became an imperative icon in all the special moments; from manifestations to the opening of free spaces.

Music and culture are tools to liberate human beings. With their music, they are able to transmit deep messages, move our longings and make us all feel a sensation of belonging to the collective. Always through music. They yell “these are our weapons” whilst raising their violins, flutes and voices to the wind; and teach us new ways to fight against the power.