Reflecting on practical actions

Target group: 
Group size: 
After doing some practical examples of actions (upcycled pots, seedbombs, moss graffiti...) in rotating groups, everyone share how they feel at this moment and how they felt while they were doing the activity. Ask questions to each other about their process and outcomes.

Divide the participants in different groups and give a practical activity to each group. For example, one group need to mould some seed bombs, other to prepare the "paint" for the moss graffiti and other to upcycle some containers into pots. When the activity is finished, ask one person of each group to explain what they were doing. After that give all the participants the opportunity to ask to the others questions about their activity. It will be important that, at some point, you direct the discussion to the implementation of the action with questions like: " Where will you spread the moss graffiti?" " Why would you rather use a moss graffiti than a paint one?" "In which case would you chose a paint graffiti instead of moss graffiti?" " Have you ever thought you can use a fabric bag as pot? What other "container" do you have at your trash bin that you could reuse?" "Where are you planning to throw the seed bombs and why?"

If you have enough time you can have rotatory activities so each person can taste all of them and compare.