Possible mission

Target group: 
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This exercise will allow you to generate a good ambience, to build a team and to see your participants in "action" in a fun way.

Give the group a paper with a list of tasks related with the topic of your workshop or to build a team, ask them to complete the tasks in 30 minutes (if you have a big group you can give them 2 papers). In this case the tasks were:

1. Names: create a game to learn the names of each other.

2. Choose a Bansky graffiti and represent it in a freeze frame.

3. Write and sing a song dedicated to the University containing this words: tra-la-la; Irn Bru, bon bon, free hugs, Glasgow City Council, BBC.

4. Make a list of "Do not signs"(ex. Don't enter, don't smoke) you found in the university.

5. Make a group photo (including the deliverer).

6. They're some quotes related with creative activism hidden in the room. You must to find 3, but take care because they are other quotes non related.

7. Make a definition (like you can find in the Oxford English Dictionary): what is creative activism?