Silent ice breaker - routes of creative activism

Target group: 
Group size: 
There is a set of cards with tasks (actions), each of which are somewhat related to a moment in history. The tasks are ordered in a sequence so that on each paper there are hints to when the task shall be done.

Example: 1. "You are the first one - take a chair in the middle of the room and sit down" (Reference to Rosa Parks action)

2. "When You see someone sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, join them." (this assignment is the same for two people, still the same reference)

3. "When three people are sitting on chairs, take two sticks that you can find in the room and start to drum on a chair." (Rhythms of resistance)

4. "When someone starts to drum on a chair, play a clown and caricature a random person in the group". (Clown army)

(and so on)

In the case of success the group shall go through the sequence of tasks fluently.

1. Explain the rules of the game: through a lottery each of the participants get a paper with a task. In that moment the rule of silence starts - participants are not allowed to discuss the papers, show them to others and are allowed to speak or make noises only if its the assignment.

2. Give the signal to start the game - the participants shall just look around, what's happening and react, when its their turn.

3. Reflection round: let participants freely reflect on the activity, asking about their associations on which creative activism act was referred to each task. If deeper explanation necessary, ask the participants to complement each other.

If there are not enough people and each of us have to take 2 or more tasks, people might get lost in reading the papers and not enjoying the game. The best is if the facilitator can just take out the tasks that are over.