The impossible is possible

Target group: 
Group size: 
Brainstorm results presented to be visible for the whole group, small stickers or colorful markers (3 contrasting colors like red and green), paper and pens for individual notes.
This is a method that can be used after brainstorming to select ideas for creative acts that will be developed further.

Each of the participants gets stickers or markers in three different colors. They have 6 votes in total, 2 in each category - in the first round 2 colors will be used for the following categories - most innovative idea, the best idea (each facilitator can choose the categories that suit the group).

The participants can give their votes to the ideas anonymously, one by one, or all together - depending from the size of the group. The ffacilitators summarizes the results of the voting and invites group to reflect on the result (depending from the size of the group - all together, or in smaller groups).

Analyzing the ideas

First analyze the ideas that did not get any votes

Instead of asking "Why is this a bad idea?" ask "How can we make this idea interesting?"

The facilitator takes care that during the critical selection the positive side of the arguments are always seen. For example, a participant says "We will never get local people to participate in this action" - facilitator can ask "Ok, so how can we make this idea more interesting to the local audience?" or another example - a participant says "this will only attract men" - a facilitator can ask "how can we encourage gender balance in the activities?"

After summarizing the ideas after the critical selection, the facilitator invites people to use their last 2 dots and vote on the ideas again.

Group reflection round

The facilitator asks the group to reflect on surprise moments during the exercise as well as what things did not changed the perspective of the participants.

It is a great method to turn the skeptical and critical energy in the group into constructive feedback. However, it would not fit together with the negative thinking brainstorm, because then the method will not be a surprise for the group.