Collective definition of creative activism

Target group: 
Group size: 
Paper, large papers and color pens
This method gives space for sharing individual preconceptions about the concept of creative activism and create a shared framework.

Divide the people in two groups. If you have many participants, it is good ot make 4 or 6 groups, with maximum 5 people per group. One group will find keywords around Creativity, defining the term. The other group will find keywords which for them define Activism. After 15 min the groups merge and present to each other briefly their definition. Using big paper and color pens, link both concepts together, discuss if the keywords from the separate concepts still works together or new keywords appears. 



If you use this activity as a starter in a session, you can hang the resulting poster in the working space and come back to it just before the end of the session. Give the opportunity to the participants to redefine their definition and add, change or delete keywords or links if appropriate.