Is this creative activism?

Target group: 
Group size: 
Several photos of different actions, symbols, people e.t.c.
This is a method to create discussion about the concept of creative activism and to share ideas and opinions between participants about the topic. It is a good starter before creating a collective definition.

Prepare a lot of photos from different actions, symbols, people, etc. Before the session starts, make a two spaces on the floor or the wall, saying "This is creative activism" and "This is not creative activism". Spread all the photos around a part of the room. 

Ask the participants to together decide where to place the photos and to share why they would place it there. The group will discuss about the reasons for doing so After the photos are placed in the categories, the group together think about what keywords came out of the images they choose and decide if this keywords could be used as a starting point to create a definition of creative activism.