Sharing showcases

Target group: 
Group size: 
Photos and videos, of different types of actions, from different collectives. A wall to use for projecting, and a beamer.
An introduction activity to get an overview of different types of existing tactics. This is useful to bring inspiration before starting to plan concrete actions.

Prepare the session by creating a personal playlist with videos you find interesting. The type of actions and videos you choose will depend on the type of group you are working with. Show the group different videos and during the process ask them questions. You can use each video to present a type of creative actions or to show a concrete collective that works in your local area. Some examples of questions could be: What type of creative action is it? Did you know about this collective? What would you think about this action if you would have seen it in real life? Do you think this type of action is suitable for your local area? What is the topic behind this action? and so on.

If you are working with an experienced group, you can ask them to bring their own videos and photos from favorite actions, actions they might have been involved in or actions happening in their community.This will make the session more personal and will encourage people to share their experiences within the group.