Picturing creative activism

Target group: 
Group size: 
Several photos of different actions, symbols, people, etc.
How does creative activism looks like?

Before the session, prepare at least three pictures that can be labeled as "Creative activism" "Vandalism/Indifference" and "Traditional activism/Campaigning", all reflecting the same topic. In this example we use the topic of the supermarkets expansion. You can print the pictures or project them.

Show the pictures to the participants and ask them to choose which one they would identify as "creative activism" and why. Ask them, how they will classify the other pictures and try to initiate a deeper discussion by asking questions like "How does one choose what type of action they make?" "Which one do you think is more effective?" "In which picture are you most likely to be involved?" "Have you been involved in any of this situations?" It is really interesting to provide some time for the participants to share their experiences and discuss how they felt and why they decided to take action or be passive, and how.

Try to connect the exercise to an issue that is relevant to your participants. It could be local, but if for instance your group has been campaigning on a certain topic, listening to their experiences will make the whole exercise much more interesting.