who is harvesting your contacts

Though the most visible action, fighting against ACTA is just one of th attempts to decrease opportunities for somebody else to control our lives. Lately also the news on Twitter "harvesting smartphone contacts" brought up to date the discussion about the "black boxes" - devices surrounding us in the daily life, having features and applications we dont even know.

Black March for internet freedom

The blackout of over 7000 popular websites a couple of weeks ago got a lot of media attention and cooperation from several big websites, like Wikipedia, Google,.. The result: PIPA and SOPA are thrown in the waste basket, and most of the former supporters suddenly discovered that they are against PIPA/SOPA. Strange how people can suddenly discover these things about themselves :-)So it seems this virtual action not only achieved its goals, but achieved it quite well.


10 Tactics – for turning information into action


10 Tactics – for turning information into action is a toolkit for info-activism; it includes a documentary film, presenting the tactics and material for learning more. The film shows rights advocates from different countries working on grass root level with human rights issues. The film was shot in 2009, and it sheds light on many of the issues that reached mainstream media with the wave of protests in 2011.

body hair activism

There is nothing more political than food you eat, clothes you wear ... and Your body hair? If we assume that political is equal to socially active, recently we came across another example of politicised bodyhair - MOVEMBER movement."Face grown & hand brushed" - 

some guys from Australia has started a world wide movement to raise awareness and also cash. "Never dreaming that facial hair would ultimately lead to a global movement that would get men talking about a taboo subject – their health ..."


Urban art diary

Whats that? Browsing arround the Internet for publications about maštazine, accidentaly found te site URBANARTCORE -

lively blog with storries from streets as well as fanciest galleries of Berlin, London and New york, it keeps the readers updated with news about streetart & graffiti. Unlike overpopulated massive web communities, this unobtrusively designed site is a mosaique from carefully selected pieces, successfuly balancing on the thin line, drawn between "tru" art and "tru" graffiti.

carry on with #GLOBALCHANGE

It might be true that it all got push with occupying an audience od Univercity, or maybe with building tents in main squaires of Spain, but from now on we do everything globally. And so that you dont have to find the embassy to blame or support, this time #GLOBALCHANGE allows You to go out on Yourr street, Your squaire and speak out loud.

#globalchange, creative activism






DMY: Do MASTA Yourself

MASTA is going thru some changes. Look, it's in a bookstore. Have you ever thought MASTA would end up in places like this?

Maybe MASTA is really applying the theme of it's latest issue: Growth (#7). After #5 MASTA got independent from motherorganisation Loesje we changed a lot: MASTA got a weblog, recycled paper, different format and a steady team for already 3 issues (#8 is coming).


Take the square!

Why didn't anybody think of this earlyer? To get real democracy going the only thing we (the people that inhabit our planet) need to do is to show that we are there. As a force to reckoned with. Nowadays it is very fashionable to display this by occupying a major square in a city. 

Hipsters of the world, what are you waiting for?

What's next?


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