Masta Handbook at Zwischenraumfestival!

The Berlin Masta crew will offer a Creative activism workshop on Saturday the 10th of August at the Zwischenraum Festival. We are especially excited because it looks like a really well organised alternative space with interesting political discussions, so there is a lot pf free space and potential. We set no limits to the results of our workshop, if the participants want to, we will start a whole movement!!!

What happened at the meeting in Potsdam? An update

It was quite necesairy since Masta, until now, never had a general meeting of everybody involved in the different crews that people work in. The many people know eighother from seminars and exchanges but never met all together for the purpose of streamlining the entire Masta organisation.

Timebank has activated

In case if You are in Frankfurt tonigh, You shouldnt miss the action by Paul Glover "Print Your Own Money - Community Currency Systems".

Tonight at 19:00 in the TimeBank headquarters, what is located at Portikus in Frankfurt, experience the possibility how cultural leaders can actually become financial ones. How it is possible?

The so-called "Spanish Revolution", is not just about Spain...

On Saturday 21st, in the morning, around 200 people gathered ar the Spanish Consulate's door in Hamburg

To some of you, Spaniards or not, that don’t know ‘at all’ what’s going on lately in the Spanish streets (because this has been for many days one of these ‘non-highest topics of mass media) I’ll try to summarize and concentrate some of the core issues that has motivated the biggest social mobilization (is not a demonstration) in the history of Spain and probably in Europe too.

Just ... STREAM IT!

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“STREAM IT! - when you don’t notice the process, you are the process¨ 

In beginning of November Spanish, Scotish, Italian as well as Latvian, German and Dutch friends of MASTA magazine came together in Ida Nowhere to brainstorm, learn, teach, realize creative actions in training STREAM IT! Social Inclucion through New Media.

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