who is harvesting your contacts

Though the most visible action, fighting against ACTA is just one of th attempts to decrease opportunities for somebody else to control our lives. Lately also the news on Twitter "harvesting smartphone contacts" brought up to date the discussion about the "black boxes" - devices surrounding us in the daily life, having features and applications we dont even know.

working towards creative revolution - No Bounds network

Fight inequality and injustice with creativity - under this slogan group of activists have created vibrant and subversive network for creative revolution - No Bounds. Its a platform for writers and artists, activists and thinkers, open for articles, calls for action as well as reports on topics - art, consciousness, environment, modern society and politics as well as indigeous people.


Urban art diary

Whats that? Browsing arround the Internet for publications about maštazine, accidentaly found te site URBANARTCORE -

lively blog with storries from streets as well as fanciest galleries of Berlin, London and New york, it keeps the readers updated with news about streetart & graffiti. Unlike overpopulated massive web communities, this unobtrusively designed site is a mosaique from carefully selected pieces, successfuly balancing on the thin line, drawn between "tru" art and "tru" graffiti.

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