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Open space technology

This is a well known approach a purpose-based leadership, including a way for hosting meetings, conferences and community summit events, focused on a specific and important purpose or task—beginning without any formal agenda, beyond the overall purpose or theme.

We have adapted Open space technology for structuring ideas for actions and planning when to realize them.

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Cheer up the public transport

An easy way to make sure everyone has experienced an action in your group, is to prepare a small, easy one. You can use this as a way of building your team. Many people have never taken part in anything like an action before, so do make sure that everyone feels comfortable.

We choose this action in particular as it is easy to join with different levels of participation, and it is possible to come along without actively doing anything other than just experiencing the atmosphere.

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The impossible is possible

This is a method that can be used after brainstorming to select ideas for creative acts that will be developed further.

Each of the participants gets stickers or markers in three different colors. They have 6 votes in total, 2 in each category - in the first round 2 colors will be used for the following categories - most innovative idea, the best idea (each facilitator can choose the categories that suit the group).

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Simulation game - identifying topics

Searching for topics in the group

Ask everyone to personally think of the top three issues/topics which they would be motivated to work on improving. Ask to divide in couples and compare your lists. Try to identify similar topics and invent macro topics. If the group is larger than 10 people, get together in groups of two couples and repeat the process.

Visualization of the results

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Sharing showcases

An introduction activity to get an overview of different types of existing tactics. This is useful to bring inspiration before starting to plan concrete actions.

Prepare the session by creating a personal playlist with videos you find interesting. The type of actions and videos you choose will depend on the type of group you are working with. Show the group different videos and during the process ask them questions. You can use each video to present a type of creative actions or to show a concrete collective that works in your local area. Some examples of questions could be: What type of creative action is it? Did you know about this collective? What would you think about this action if you would have seen it in real life?

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